Roof Cleaning – kill that ugly gloeocapsa magma!

Looking for local Pinellas county roof cleaning ? Contact Brightway Pro Wash for roof soft washing service in Pinellas county. Over the years your roof will start to look old and dirty. You might think the shingles have just faded or that if you have mold it’s no big deal, but the truth is, Brightway Pro Wash can restore the look through roof cleaning. It’s not just about aesthetics, a dirty roof can actually lead to damage and early replacement.

Has your home lost it’s curb appeal due to roof stains and mold?

Those black streaks on your roof are the result of an algae call Gloeocapsa Magma.  It typically grows on the north facing roof but can thrive anywhere that has shade.  Left alone, this mold will cause shingle damage.  The algae eats calcium which is a filler in roofing shingles.  This can cause shingles to prematurely deteriorate.  Don’t worry though, we can kill the mold and eliminate most if not all the stains using our special blend detergent and softwashing process.  A few benefits of having your roof cleaned are it improves your home’s look and curb appeal, increases your property value, saves you money over a roof replacement, & extends the life of your asphalt shingles.
We offer a three year warranty on all full roof cleanings.

I Have Moss Growing On My Shingles. Can That be Cleaned?

Yes, we can clear moss as well!  Moss and lichen can quickly deteriorate your roof.  They both hold moisture and have strong root systems which can cause leaks and soften the underlayment.  Our special blend detergent and our softwashing process will remove the moss safely and effectively, keeping your home protected from future leaks. 

Can You Explain Your Softwashing Technique?

We mix a a special blend of detergents to produce a roof cleaning solution that will attack the organic growth on your roof.  It is applied by 12v softwash pump and a special sprayer that has a similar pressure to a garden hose.  Our solution is what does the cleaning.  Before any solution is applied we make sure we contain any of your downspouts to prevent runoff from getting into the ground thus damaging your landscaping.
We also thoroughly water any surrounding vegetation before, during, and after the roof cleaning.  After the solution is applied we collect any runoff from the gutter system and dispose of it.  As the roof dries off we check for any spots that may need an additional application.
We do not rinse afterwards. We rely on the help of mother nature on this.
You will see a difference before we leave.

Why Should I Hire You?

We are professionals that have the knowledge and the special tools to do the job correctly.  In this industry there are a lot of $99 fly-by-night companies.  Some destroy property using pressure washers while others won’t take the time to protect your landscaping from the powerful cleaning solution.  Using an inexperienced softwashing company can be a disaster.  We pay attention to the details and never take shortcuts.

What is The Average Price For Roof Cleaning ?

The total price of our roof cleaning services is based on a few factors including the square footage of the roof, the difficulty of the labor, and access to the area. Our base price starts at $250 and we add on as needed.

How Often do You Need to Clean Your Roof?

In order to keep from prematurely replacing your roof, we recommend that you have it professionally cleaned every 5 years. When you don’t maintain your roof, you shorten the expected lifespan of 20-25 years

What is The Black Stuff on My Roof?

If you see discolorations on your roof, it could be bacteria growth. The layer of bacteria (named gloeocapsa magma) keeps your roof from being able to do its job. Shingles are designed to reflect UV rays from the sun and keep your attic from trapping in heat. When it is covered with this bacteria, it absorbs the heat and causes your home to be hotter. During the summer, your power bills will increase, because the HVAC system has to operate harder to keep your home cool.

What Types of Roofs Can Brightway Clean?

We are able to clean many different roof surfaces up to 2 stories including:
Asphalt shingles

If you are ready to have your property cleaned, feel free to fill out our ‘quote form’ and we’ll contact you asap. We serve Pinellas county.
We will be happy to come out and take care of your roof cleaning and more. We look forward to serving you with your roof cleaning!
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