House Softwashing

What Is Softwashing?

Every stain has a cleaner that will effectively remove it.  Softwashing uses specialized detergents to clean your home instead of harmful pressure.  You do not want to use high pressure washing as this will damage your home. Here at Brightway Pro Wash, we only use special nozzles to effectively keep the pressure very low.
House washing effectively removes all algae, dirt, debris, and cobwebs from your siding, gutters, windows, and trim. Our cleaning solution will not harm your vegetation.  We keep all landscaping watered down before, during, and after cleaning to protect it.  This is very important to us as our reputation depends on it. 

Why Not Pressure Washing?

Exterior cleaning professionals only use pressure washers on brick and concrete.  Using a power washer to clean your home is not only dangerous to your property, but to the user as well.
Pressure washing homes with a high pressure is a disaster waiting to happen. Using high pressure on siding will cause problems down the road as the water is forced behind the siding causing water damage. If your siding is oxidized you can easily disturb this delicate coat that needs to remain intact.

Be sure to ask the business you are considering hiring if they will be pressure washing or softwashing before hiring.