Our Process

We hope by now that you are considering Brightway Power Wash and we appreciate that!
Below are the general steps we’ll take in order to get your job done safely and efficiently.

-After you accept our estimate, please contact us to schedule your job. Once the appointment date is close, we will contact you the day of or the day before we are coming out.
 When we arrive, we’ll let you know that we are there. We’ll do a walk-around the property, bring up any concerns and/or take photos, and let you know what to expect prior to starting. If you are not home, we may call if we have any concerns.
 We will have approx. 150 gallons of water on hand. We will need to hook up to your water spigot.
We will water down landscaping, near the area to be cleaned, with fresh water prior to applying detergents

Once done, we’ll view our work with you if you are home or send you photos if you are not.

We do NOT use high pressure when doing a roof clean or house wash. We will only Softwash these surfaces.

House Wash

  • We are specially set up to do an on-demand mix by using special manifolds. Each house demands different ratios.
  • Your home will be thoroughly rinsed down once the mold has dissolved. Though we will be using a 8GPM machine, we use special tips that will keep the pressure down to a minimum so the spray basically washes the detergent off.

Gutter Cleaning

  • If you opt for a gutter cleaning, we clean out a majority of the leaves and buildup in your gutters. Then we will blow the excess off.
  • The inside of the gutters will be rinsed down along with the downspouts
    PLEASE note that if you opt for the gutter cleaning and you want the outside of the gutters cleaned, you must also get a house wash.

Roof Cleaning

  • Water down sensitive bushes, plants with fresh water prior to applying detergents
  • We will either do the spraying from the ground or we may end up going on your roof.
  • Once we start applying the detergent, we will have someone always spraying your bushes, plants and flowers to help prevent damage from the chemicals.
  • Once we apply our detergent, we do not rinse, we let mother nature wash the excess soap from your roof. Our detergent will kill mold almost immediately.
  • If you are also getting a housewash, we will do this after doing the roof.

Driveway and Sidewalks

  • If you opt for getting your driveway and/or sidewalks cleaned, we will pre-treat the surface area which means we spray on a chemical and let it sit for 15-30 minutes.
  • We will then use our special surface cleaner with straight water. We use just enough pressure to clean the mold off without damaging your driveway
  • Once done, we will rinse your driveway off
  • We do not let any chemicals go down any storm-drains nearby. It is not illegal to let chemical residue dry on any surfaces
  • Once done with rinsing off your driveway, if necessary, we post treat your driveway which means we spray another chemical on your driveway. We do NOT rinse this off as this will help prevent mold from coming back as fast. This is a special service that we do that is no additional cost to you.
  • While doing the cleaning, we pay special attention to any grass along the edge of the driveway. We make sure we keep any detergent overspray to a minimum.
  • We may include in our quote to have your sidewalk done. This is totally optional and is not included in the price of doing your driveway.

Ready for a quote? You can fill out our quote form. We’ll respond asap with pricing.