What’s the difference between soft wash and pressure washing?

Soft washing relies on our detergents to do the work versus using high pressure. Pressure washing for roofs and siding is not needed. Pressure washing roofs and siding will end up doing damage. Leave pressure washing for concrete, stucco and other hard surfaces

How long does job take if I want to just have a house wash done?

It’s hard to say, but most homes will only take 3-6 hours.

Where is Brightway Pro Wash located?

We are based in Largo, Fl but serve Pinellas county

Do you rinse off the roof after a roof cleaning?

We rely on mother nature to remove the detergent. Leaving it on the roof does a couple things. It thoroughly kills mold and algae. Second, leaving it on will ensure that your landscaping will not be harmed. Once it rains, the detergent will be deleted enough, that nothing will be harmed leaving you with a nice clean roof.

Do you offer and discounts?

We offer 10% discounts to veterans, and first responders. Contact us for details