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  • About Brightway Pro Wash

    Your home and property are one of your biggest investments. Brightway Pro Wash will treat it with the care and attention to detail that it deserves. We offer professional pressure cleaning and soft washing in Pinellas County.

    We are happy to offer our expert services to our customers and we are equipped to clean multiple exterior surfaces whether it’s the roof, driveway, or house. We’ll strive to give you the best possible service and workmanship. We take pride in our work and it shows.

    We serve Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, St Pete, Gulfport as well as other cities in the Pinellas County area.

    Please contact us today for a free estimate! We look forward to serving you!
    Scott and Jody

    point sur
    30th anniversary – Point Sur – Big Sur California
    1972 Mercury Montego GT 429 / 521 and my 1963 Chevy C-10 383
    My 1963 Chevy C-10 and 1972 Mercury Montego GT 429

    I’m an avid car lover!! My 1963 Chevy C-10 and my 1972 Mercury Montego GT. I did frame-off restorations on both. Both were completed within 3 years total. The C10 took me 13 months and the Montego took me 18 months (very hard car to build due to limited parts).
    The Montego had the original 429 block stroked and bored to 521c.i. and the Chevy had a 383 crate motor.
    Both have since been sold

    Our Pressure Wash / Softwash Rig

    20201010 082409
    softwash pressurewash rig 2 1

    tandem axle trailer
    Honda GX690 8gpm machine
    2 Softwash systems
    5 hoses
    1 feed
    2 softwash
    1 pressure
    1 rinse
    Whisper Wash surface cleaner
    See more pics and info about our rig

  • Approximate Softwash and Pressure Washing Pricing

    average $200-$300 single store
    $300-$500 2 story
    We let mother nature rinse the solution off your roof. You will see results before we leave

    Single – $110*
    Double – $175*
    UP to 30’ long

    $10 / linear foot*

    Up to 1700 square feet single store
    Add $1 for every square foot over 1700
    Add $75 for 2 story

    $10 / linear foot

    PATIO –
    Ceiling, misc $10 / square foot (i.e. $100 for 10×10) * Includes pre-treat and post-treat
    Does not include floor (deck, pavers…)

  • Average Price for Pressure Washing Soft Wash

    Below are some average prices for softwashing and pressure washing

    average $200-$300 single store
    $300-$500 2 story
    We let mother nature rinse the solution off your roof. You will see results before we leave

    Single – $110*
    Double – $175*
    UP to 30’ long

    $10 / linear foot*

    Up to 1700 square feet single store
    Add $1 for every square foot over 1700
    Add $75 for 2 story

    $10 / linear foot

    PATIO –
    Ceiling, misc $10 / square foot (i.e. $100 for 10×10)

  • Brightway Pro Wash Pressure Washing Trailer Rig

    The best pressure washing equipment for the task at hand

    With our pressure washing trailer, we can pretty much handle it all from safely cleaning your siding and roof to stucco and paver cleaning to surface washing your driveways and sidewalks.

    If you’re ready for a quote, be sure and contact us.

    See some of our work

    • 6X12 Open Utility Tandem Axle Trailer w/ Brakes
    • Black Trailer Wheels
    • Custom Ladder Rack
    • LED Light Package for those early or late evening jobs
      softwash pressurewash rig 8

    Softwash System

    • (2) 12v 5.5 gpm Everflow pump EF5500
    • (2) Titan Hose Reels 4312S
    • (2) Softwash Wand w/ Adjustable Tip
    • (2) Blend Manifolds for Metering Solution Mix
    • (1) 100 Gal SH Tank
    • (2) 200 Ft. Sections of Kuritec Softwash Hose
    • (1) 30 Gal Surfactant Tank

    Fresh Water Tank/Feed System

    • (1) 200 Gal Water Tank
    • (1) Hudson Float Valve
    • (1) 4way Water Divert Manifold
    • (2) Titan Hose Reels 4312S
    • (1) 100 Ft Section of Feed Hose
    • (1) 200 Ft Flexzilla Rinse Hose
    • Plumbed fill lines to each tank

    Pressure Wash System

    • (1) Honda GX690 Engine, Comet 8GPM 3500PSI Pump
    • (2) 100 Ft. Section of High Pressure Hose
    • (1) Titan Hose Reel 4312S
    • (1) Pressure Wash Wand w/ All Included Tips
    • (1) High Pressure Ball Valve
    • (1) Whisper Wash 4 nozzle 20” Surface Cleaner
    • (1) Surface Cleaner Rack Mount

    Whether you need your roof cleaned, house washed, driveway, sidewalk, walkway or anything that has mold or bacteria, using our pressure washing trailer, we can get it back to par.

  • Brightway Sitemap (HTML)
  • Class screenshots
  • Contact Brightway Pro Wash

    Would you like to request a quote? Please fill out our quote form and we will respond as soon as possible.

    Please contact us if you have any questions. Our phone number is 727/656-9094.

  • Difference between pressure washing and softwashing

    Pressure washing and soft washing are similar, but they are also different. Pressure washing typically uses high pressure between 2500-3500psi while the psi in softwashing is much less.

    What is Soft Washing?

    Most stains have a cleaner that will effectively remove it.  Softwashing uses specialized detergents to clean your home instead of harmful pressure. Treating your home siding, roof, fence, deck, etc. with soft washing is like using your home hose except with a slightly stronger spray – the mix of safe, biodegradable solutions guarantee that the bacteria that create buildup are not just partly swept away, but eliminated entirely.

    Soft washing consumes just one-third of the water that pressure or power washing does, and lasts quite a bit longer since the solution is stronger, and does not deteriorate or harm the surface like pressure or power washing frequently can.

    Your roof should only be cleaned by softwashing so that the roofing materials are not damaged by high pressure. If your home exterior has vinyl siding or is made of concrete or stucco, softwashing will kill the mold and algae while lessening the risk for damage from high pressure washing and lessen the chance that oxidation will be removed. Here at Brightway Pro Wash, we only use special nozzles to effectively keep the pressure very low. We keep all landscaping watered down before, during, and after cleaning to help protect it against damage from chemicals.

    For most exterior surfaces, softwashing is the way to go!

    What is Pressure Washing?

    Pressure washing uses high pressure water to blast away dirt, but it doesn’t perform as well against moss, mold or other stubborn substances. Instead, it is a good solution to use for prepaint preparation, standard cleaning on strong surfaces, as well as stripping surface areas down to basic components.

    Pressure washing is used when your home’s exterior is brick or stone, or used to clean the surface of a driveway with a surface cleaner, which will remove most stains.

    Using a pressure washer to clean your home can be not only dangerous to your property, but to the user as well as serious injuries can occur if the user is not experienced. Additionally, using high pressure on siding can cause problems in the future as the water is forced behind the siding possibly causing water damage. With pressure washing, it is best to avoid soft surfaces as it creates erosion and strips away materials that might be loose due to aging such as oxidation. If your siding has oxidation, this can be disturbed using too high of pressure and will result in a discolor look to your siding. This is particularly prevalent when untrained pressure washers – who can cause serious damage to a roof or other surfaces, especially if the surface is older. This is why not to use those $99 Craigslist jobbers.

    Be sure to ask any business you are considering if they will be pressure washing or softwashing before hiring.

    pressure wash02
    man cleaning wall with high pressure cleaner in close up

    Ready for a quote? Please fill out this form and we’ll be glad to give you quote.

  • Driveway / Sidewalk Cleaning

    Pressure Wash Concrete Sidewalks and Driveways!

    Although we are mostly known for our softwashing, we do have a commercial pressure washer (Honda GX690 – 8 gpm) when we need to perform traditional pressure washing.  All of our concrete cleaning is pre-treated with a cleaning solution to make cleaning easier, and more uniform.  After pre-treatment we pressure wash with a high quality Whisper Wash 4 nozzle surface cleaner.  This piece of equipment saves you time and you money!  After cleaning we rinse all of the lifted dirt and grime away.  If needed, we will post-treat your driveway and or sidewalk.

    Contact us for a quote

    20201011 104611
    20201011 104630
    We safely surface clean at 2500psi (our GX590 is a 3500psi machine)
  • employee info

    Less pressure, below 4,000psi =
    a drop in GPM through the spray tip. Always go to a larger spray tip to reach maximum gpm.
    2502 25° at 2gpm with 4,000psi
    40025 40° at 2.5 gpm with 4,000psi

    PWP Recipes, Formulas or Guidelines for SoftWashing, Roof Cleaning, Degreasing and Rust Removal

    General Formulas:

    These formulas are general guidelines. ALWAYS TEST an area FIRST and out of sight.  Ask when the home or building was last painted.  Some softwashers will not wash a home or building if it was painted under a year ago.  Many softwashers carry cans of spray paint in white, off-white or gutter touch-up paint to touch up affected surfaces. Educating your customers prior to providing your service will prevent costly misunderstandings. For example, most algae does not easily adhere or grow on a slick and shiny surface.  Once streaked gutters are cleaned, they may appear not as glossy because the damage occurred to the surface prior to brightening and cleaning the gutters.  

    Please keep your recipes simple.  Before adding anything to your recipe, EXHAUST yourself researching whether or not it will negatively react with the sodium hypochlorite or anything else including your equipment. 

    ALWAYS take before and after pictures of EVERY JOB including dead plants and previously damaged property or roof tile.  Having photographic evidence of dead plants, property damage, broken tiles or shingles before you arrived or against a dirty home or building prior to providing your services will save you thousands of dollars in replacing plant life or repairs that should not have been your responsibility.

    DO NOT USE Calcium Hypochlorite.  It contains an insoluble, inert, white filler that is left behind on the surface that it was applied to.  It does not wash clean from windows without the need to re-wash the surface.  It does not break down into a product that is good for the plants. Sodium Hypochlorite is easy to find, biodegradable and degrades extremely quickly into salt and water.

    Do you need a fragrance to cover or mask the smell of sodium hypochlorite?  Do you want to buy it directly from the manufacturer?  Pressure Washer Products is different!  We were the FIRST ones to carry the sodium hypochlorite stable surfactants.  Mix the fragrance and a surfactant and watch your savings grow.  

    Horizon Aromatics:

    This is a great company!  Keep in mind that this is a fragrance and it will be expensive because YOU are in CONTROL of the RATIOS.  Ask for the samples and buy your favorite fragrance.

    (302) 273-3605 
    201 East Elm Street
    Consohohocken, PA 19428


    • April Fresh
    • Floral Fresh
    • Lemon Fresh
    • Rain Clean
    • Apple
    • Fresh & Clean
    • Lemon-Lime
    • Pine

    Watch Slo Mo in Action:

    Tile Roof Washes:
    In a 100 gallon container, thoroughly mix the following:
    50 gallons of 10-12% FRESH Sodium Hypochlorite
    49 gallons of cool water (NEVER hot water)
    4-8 ounces of Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant   (or 2 quarts of Hang Tite)

    Shingle or Composite Roofs:
    In a 100 gallon container, thoroughly mix the following:
    30 gallons of 10-12% FRESH Sodium Hypochlorite
    69 gallons of cool water (NEVER hot water)
    4-8 ounces of Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant  (or 2 quarts of Hang Tite)
    Metal Roofs:
    In a 100 gallon container, thoroughly mix the following:
    20 gallons of 10-12% FRESH Sodium Hypochlorite
    79 gallons of cool water (NEVER hot water)
    4-8 ounces of Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant (or 2 quarts of Hang Tite)
    Rinse QUICKLY and hit it with a water based wax or water based tire dressing for a wet look
    House-washing including Vinyl Siding, Brick, Hardie Plank or Siding and Stucco:Use a watered down version of the roof wash by adding more water and using your softwash system OR your downstream chemical injector or X-Jet and your pressure washer.  (Downstream injector:  Extend the length of your 1/4″ injector pickup hose to allow you to drop it into your roof wash tank.  Most downstream injectors will pick-up a solution that will be up to 20% of your roof wash mix.  Use your 0030, 0040 or 0050 to apply soapy mixtures under eaves many stories up without needing a ladder  X-Jet:  Place roof wash mix in your container and allow the X-Jet to apply a diluted ratio of your mix to the house.)
    If you need to remove a large number of spider webs or eggs that usually require brushing, use a more concentrated version of the house-wash mix to DISSOLVE the spider webs and eggs.  Our Stampede added to your mix helps remove this mess!

    Neutralize the salt that burns the plants leftover from the Sodium Hypochlorite:

    Use Gypsum

    Irrigation Rust:
    (Not for Rust from Metal Rust, Like Chairs or Tables or Rust Stains from Vehicle Radiators) 
    Oxalic Acid Powder or Granules 99% (Purchased locally in a 50 pound bag, white powder;  Active ingredient in Rust-Aid) 
    Mix 8 ounces up to 1 pound of Oxalic Acid per 1 gallon of  WARM or HOT Water (heated water helps to dissolve powders)
    Add Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant, Hang Tite or Dawn dish soap to use as a wetting agent even for horizontal surfaces
    Mix Thoroughly
    Use a pump up sprayer to apply to irrigation rust.  When it hits the rust, it should bubble up (similar to using hydrogen peroxide on a flesh wound)
    Let DRY completely between coats for best results
    Cedar Shingles, Wood Siding, etc. (2 STEPS)Become familiar with wood structure based on species.  Wood can be cleaned with a weaker solution of Sodium Hypochlorite.  Sodium Hypochlorite or Bleach will permanently damage the wood breaking down the cellulose or structure of the wood and remove the natural colors and tones if applied incorrectly at a very strong ratio.  A wooden surface is similar to your face.  It requires a cleaning, sloughing off, moisturizing and sealing.  Become familiar with the wood surface you are working with, ask respected industry experts, test multiple spots in inconspicuous areas and take before and after photos.  Cedar wood can be cleaned effectively with 800 psi and 1000 psi using the 25 and 40 degree spray nozzles.

         6 ounces of Sodium Percarbonate per gallon (Sodium Percarbonate purchased locally in a 50 pound bag, white powder)
         1 ounce of Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide (Purchased locally in a 50 pound bag, white powder, granules or flakes)
         Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant
         Mix THOROUGHLY
         Rinse THOROUGHLY
         DO NOT USE SAME SPRAYER FOR BOTH STEPS.  Combination of two chemicals in first and second steps will cause combustion to occur.
         6 ounces of Oxalic Acid Powder or Granules 99% per 1 gallon of WARM or HOT Water  (Purchased locally in a 50 pound bag, white powder;  Active ingredient in Rust-Aid)
         Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant
         Mix THOROUGHLY
         Rinse THOROUGHLY

    CAUTION:  TriSodiumPhosphate or TSP is a white powder often used to etch the layer of gloss on painted or shiny surfaces and frequently used as a cleaning and degreasing agent in paint preparation.   
    Avoid adding TSP to your soft-wash mixes for two primary reasons:
    1.  If left to accidentally dry on glossy surfaces such as windows or shiny gutter or garage doors, TSP will cause permanent damage to the shiny surfaces and ‘degloss’ paint or glass and stain metal and cement surfaces.
    2.  Use of TSP will give the possibility of violating the Clean Water Act or CWA.   If evidence of pollution by TSP or other pollutant by your company’s services cause a fish kill, waterway plant death, eutrophication of nearby bodies of fresh or salt water, you may be held liable.  It is rare but can cost thousands in fines as warnings are almost never heard of.   Many states only allow the sale of a TSP substitute.  

    Degreasers by Pressure Washer Products available locally here in Clearwater, Florida:

    1.  PWP’sStampede Plus Degreaser:  Petroleum Oil and Greases (Gas Stations, Drive Thru’s, Heavy Equipment and Driveway Stains)

    2.  PWP’sFOG Away:  Fats, Oils and Greases from Food By-Products  (Restaurant Rear Entrance, Barbecue Grill Drippings on Deck, Sun Tan Oil and Restaurant Exhaust Hoods)

  • Employee Information / Opportunity

    Employment Opportunity
    Information below must be read by employees. The following are password protection. Please contact Brightway if you do not know the password. You can contact via email, form, or call.
    Employee Info (password protected)
    Employee Rules (password protected)
    Class screenshots

  • Employee rules to follow
    • all employees must wear the company t-shirt
    • All safety gear (PPE) must be adhered to. This includes but not limited to the use of a respirator, protective gloves and eyewear
    • Pull up, knock on door and greet the customer. Tell them you are here to service their home and what will be done – house wash, roof clean, driveway cleaning, gutter cleaning….
      mention you will walk around the home first. Also mentioned we’ll water down any delicate landscaping first
      Also mention you will be hooking up to their spigot
      Mention that you will be placing a sign in their yard and ask if they can leave it there for a few days.
      Pay close attention to downspouts if doing a roof cleaning
    • Hook up hose to customers spigot
    • Place a minimum of 5 orange cones around the truck and trailer
      rear of trailer
      front of truck
      street side of trailer and truck
    • Walk around home and look for anything that stands out
      i.e dying plants, grass, bushes, gutter damage, anything broken….No smoking on customer’s property
    • Be courteous to customer at all time
    • Be sure to wave and smile to any passing neighbors. You never know if they might come up to you asking for an estimate
    • When doing roofs you are limited to 2 stories
    • ALL tools and equipment must be kept clean and in working order
    • Be sure when the job is done that you let Jody or me know.’
    • Any issues, contact us before doing work around that area
    • Always pay attention to customer’s landscaping, ornamental and other objects.
    • Pictures MUST be taken of any partial or dead plants around the customer’s edge of house
    • Plastic bags must be used on customers downspouts
    • Be sure to check for oxidation BEFORE doing a housewash. Do the finger test, take a picture and contact customer.
    • We may randomly ask you to take a drug test. Refusing one is grounds for immediate termination
    • Safety equipment must be worn when using chemicals and equipment. This includes but not limited to gloves, proper shoes, safety glasses, respirator
    • If low or close to running out of something, please let me or Jody know

    If doing a house wash

    • Use the 12v to apply solution, pressure wash to rinse. Use the J-Rod with the wide fan
    • Be sure to look for oxidation. Use the finger test. Take a picture and point this out to the customer of the area and your fingers you did a test with. Look for evidence of previous pressure washing or cleaning streaks
    • If brown, red, blue colors are present, spray with extreme caution. Work around these areas. Look for thin spots or previous damage before washing
    • Tape up any door handles, locks, intercom speakers door bell buttons
    • Do one side at a time
    • If it’s hot out, pre-rinse and cool down that side
    • Be sure settings are correct on manifold. Most of the time it should be 1-2% (lower end of oxidation is evident)
    • Spray on solution
    • Let dwell for 5-8 minutes
    • Rinse thoroughly
    • When rinsing glass and windows, be sure to rinse in the center of the window (the spray will splash outwards)
    • Once done, go back around and double check your work.

    If doing a roof cleaning

    • Use 12v to apply
    • Be sure to tell the customer that you will not be rinsing down the roof once it’s cleaned. They will notice a difference before we leave. We leave the rinsing to mother nature
    • Plan your strategy on cleaning the roof
    • Have your helper start rinsing down landscaping
    • Be sure to set your manifold settings to the proper mix settings. Most of the time, this will be 4-5%. The steeper the incline, the higher the surfactant settings
    • Secure ladder
    • Start at the top and work your way down
    • Watch overpsray (do edging first, then center cut it)
    • Have the helper follow you around always making sure the landscaping is thoroughly wet
    • Once done thoroughly rinse out hoses, 12v and wand

    If doing driveway / sidewalk cleaning

    • Look for previous damage done to concrete (i.e. removal of cream) – TAKE PICTURES
    • Use pressure wash
    • Pre-treat areas before doing any of the above. Use an approx 3% solution (12volt)
      Be sure to ‘edge’ around concrete and cut-in the rest.
    • Rinse grass edging if needed
    • Pressure wash edges (optional)
    • Use surface cleaner. Go width-way on longer driveways
  • Employment Opportunities

    Do you find yourself eating sleeping and drinking the desire to wash and clean houses? If so, we want YOU to contact us. Working with the best equipment, with a take-charge and good attitude, you’ll be able to be the lead person running our trailer rig.

    The qualifying candidate must be possess and be able to do the following

    • Minimum 2 years minimum working and/or supervising in pressure washing and/or softwashing industry
    • Supervisory position requires time management skills and ability to supervise and run a trailer and crew efficiently.
    • Ability to provide accurate and EXPERIENCED skills and knowledge on softwash & pressure washer techniques on different types of exterior surfaces (building exteriors, roofs (2 stories max), driveways and sidewalks, screen patio enclosures, pool patios etc…)
    • Skilled and experienced with pressure wash equipment w/ 8gm, using tips and jrod as well as softwash with 12v
    • Experience working with strong chemicals and know ratios for house wash, surface cleaning (pre and post wash)
    • Willingness to use safety equipment and follow and enforce safety protocols
    • Mechanically inclined
    • Maintain trailer/keep equipment and truck clean
    • Ability to provide good communication with customers
    • Ability and experience hauling a trailer


    • must have own transportation to work
    • Must present professional appearance
    • Must have clean driving record
    • MUST be reliable and on time
    • No drugs or felony charges, non-smoker, clean cut. NO drama

    Will work with Honda 8gpm cold water pressure washer
    Two 12 volt manifold sofwash systems. Complete list of the main equipment on our trailer rig

    Accepting apps now.
    Please fill out our pressure wash – softwash employment form.

  • Employment Opportunity Brightway Pro Wash – Form

    Do you have pressure and softwash experience? If so, we want to talk to you. Please fill out the form below along with copying and pasting your app or details on your work history related to pressure washing and we’ll get back with you asap

  • FAQ’s

    What’s the difference between soft wash and pressure washing?

    Soft washing relies on our detergents to do the work versus using high pressure. Pressure washing for roofs and siding is not needed. Pressure washing roofs and siding will end up doing damage. Leave pressure washing for concrete, stucco and other hard surfaces

    How long does job take if I want to just have a house wash done?

    It’s hard to say, but most homes will only take 3-6 hours.

    Where is Brightway Pro Wash located?

    We are based in Largo, Fl but serve Pinellas county

    Do you rinse off the roof after a roof cleaning?

    We rely on mother nature to remove the detergent. Leaving it on the roof does a couple things. It thoroughly kills mold and algae. Second, leaving it on will ensure that your landscaping will not be harmed. Once it rains, the detergent will be deleted enough, that nothing will be harmed leaving you with a nice clean roof.

    Do you offer and discounts?

    We offer 10% discounts to veterans, and first responders. Contact us for details

  • Hooray you used our QR Code 😉

    Just for that we’re going to reward you for visiting our website. You can save 10% on any of our pressure washing or softwash services. This includes surface cleaning your driveway. Roof cleaning using our specialized softwash system. Patio or deck cleaning, gutter cleanout and any of our other cleaning services.

    Simply fill out our quote form and include your address and some recent pics of what you’d like done and we’ll get back to you asap.

    Thank you for visiting Brightway Pro wash.
    Looks like you got here using our QR Code. To reward you we are offering a 10% discount on any of our services.
    We appreciate you using Brightway Pro Wash

    Minimum $400

    discount from Brightway Pro Wash
  • House Softwashing

    What Is Softwashing?

    Every stain has a cleaner that will effectively remove it.  Softwashing uses specialized detergents to clean your home instead of harmful pressure.  You do not want to use high pressure washing as this will damage your home. Here at Brightway Pro Wash, we only use special nozzles to effectively keep the pressure very low.
    House washing effectively removes all algae, dirt, debris, and cobwebs from your siding, gutters, windows, and trim. Our cleaning solution will not harm your vegetation.  We keep all landscaping watered down before, during, and after cleaning to protect it.  This is very important to us as our reputation depends on it. 

    Why Not Pressure Washing?

    Exterior cleaning professionals only use pressure washers on brick and concrete.  Using a power washer to clean your home is not only dangerous to your property, but to the user as well.
    Pressure washing homes with a high pressure is a disaster waiting to happen. Using high pressure on siding will cause problems down the road as the water is forced behind the siding causing water damage. If your siding is oxidized you can easily disturb this delicate coat that needs to remain intact.

    Be sure to ask the business you are considering hiring if they will be pressure washing or softwashing before hiring.

  • Our Process

    We hope by now that you are considering Brightway Power Wash and we appreciate that!
    Below are the general steps we’ll take in order to get your job done safely and efficiently.

    -After you accept our estimate, please contact us to schedule your job. Once the appointment date is close, we will contact you the day of or the day before we are coming out.
     When we arrive, we’ll let you know that we are there. We’ll do a walk-around the property, bring up any concerns and/or take photos, and let you know what to expect prior to starting. If you are not home, we may call if we have any concerns.
     We will have approx. 150 gallons of water on hand. We will need to hook up to your water spigot.
    We will water down landscaping, near the area to be cleaned, with fresh water prior to applying detergents

    Once done, we’ll view our work with you if you are home or send you photos if you are not.

    We do NOT use high pressure when doing a roof clean or house wash. We will only Softwash these surfaces.

    House Wash

    • We are specially set up to do an on-demand mix by using special manifolds. Each house demands different ratios.
    • Your home will be thoroughly rinsed down once the mold has dissolved. Though we will be using a 8GPM machine, we use special tips that will keep the pressure down to a minimum so the spray basically washes the detergent off.

    Gutter Cleaning

    • If you opt for a gutter cleaning, we clean out a majority of the leaves and buildup in your gutters. Then we will blow the excess off.
    • The inside of the gutters will be rinsed down along with the downspouts
      PLEASE note that if you opt for the gutter cleaning and you want the outside of the gutters cleaned, you must also get a house wash.

    Roof Cleaning

    • Water down sensitive bushes, plants with fresh water prior to applying detergents
    • We will either do the spraying from the ground or we may end up going on your roof.
    • Once we start applying the detergent, we will have someone always spraying your bushes, plants and flowers to help prevent damage from the chemicals.
    • Once we apply our detergent, we do not rinse, we let mother nature wash the excess soap from your roof. Our detergent will kill mold almost immediately.
    • If you are also getting a housewash, we will do this after doing the roof.

    Driveway and Sidewalks

    • If you opt for getting your driveway and/or sidewalks cleaned, we will pre-treat the surface area which means we spray on a chemical and let it sit for 15-30 minutes.
    • We will then use our special surface cleaner with straight water. We use just enough pressure to clean the mold off without damaging your driveway
    • Once done, we will rinse your driveway off
    • We do not let any chemicals go down any storm-drains nearby. It is not illegal to let chemical residue dry on any surfaces
    • Once done with rinsing off your driveway, if necessary, we post treat your driveway which means we spray another chemical on your driveway. We do NOT rinse this off as this will help prevent mold from coming back as fast. This is a special service that we do that is no additional cost to you.
    • While doing the cleaning, we pay special attention to any grass along the edge of the driveway. We make sure we keep any detergent overspray to a minimum.
    • We may include in our quote to have your sidewalk done. This is totally optional and is not included in the price of doing your driveway.

    Ready for a quote? You can fill out our quote form. We’ll respond asap with pricing.

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  • Request a quote!

    Please fill out the info below. Enter as much details as you can about what you’d like done.
    If you can upload pictures as well this will give us a better chance of giving you a more accurate quote.

    Please note, estimates are based on the info given. We will need to see the home/business in person before confirming the quote

    Thank you
    Scott / Jody Farrell
    Brightway Pro Wash

  • Roof Cleaning – kill that ugly gloeocapsa magma!

    Looking for local Pinellas county roof cleaning ? Contact Brightway Pro Wash for roof soft washing service in Pinellas county. Over the years your roof will start to look old and dirty. You might think the shingles have just faded or that if you have mold it’s no big deal, but the truth is, Brightway Pro Wash can restore the look through roof cleaning. It’s not just about aesthetics, a dirty roof can actually lead to damage and early replacement.

    Has your home lost it’s curb appeal due to roof stains and mold?

    Those black streaks on your roof are the result of an algae call Gloeocapsa Magma.  It typically grows on the north facing roof but can thrive anywhere that has shade.  Left alone, this mold will cause shingle damage.  The algae eats calcium which is a filler in roofing shingles.  This can cause shingles to prematurely deteriorate.  Don’t worry though, we can kill the mold and eliminate most if not all the stains using our special blend detergent and softwashing process.  A few benefits of having your roof cleaned are it improves your home’s look and curb appeal, increases your property value, saves you money over a roof replacement, & extends the life of your asphalt shingles.
    We offer a three year warranty on all full roof cleanings.

    I Have Moss Growing On My Shingles. Can That be Cleaned?

    Yes, we can clear moss as well!  Moss and lichen can quickly deteriorate your roof.  They both hold moisture and have strong root systems which can cause leaks and soften the underlayment.  Our special blend detergent and our softwashing process will remove the moss safely and effectively, keeping your home protected from future leaks. 

    Can You Explain Your Softwashing Technique?

    We mix a a special blend of detergents to produce a roof cleaning solution that will attack the organic growth on your roof.  It is applied by 12v softwash pump and a special sprayer that has a similar pressure to a garden hose.  Our solution is what does the cleaning.  Before any solution is applied we make sure we contain any of your downspouts to prevent runoff from getting into the ground thus damaging your landscaping.
    We also thoroughly water any surrounding vegetation before, during, and after the roof cleaning.  After the solution is applied we collect any runoff from the gutter system and dispose of it.  As the roof dries off we check for any spots that may need an additional application.
    We do not rinse afterwards. We rely on the help of mother nature on this.
    You will see a difference before we leave.

    Why Should I Hire You?

    We are professionals that have the knowledge and the special tools to do the job correctly.  In this industry there are a lot of $99 fly-by-night companies.  Some destroy property using pressure washers while others won’t take the time to protect your landscaping from the powerful cleaning solution.  Using an inexperienced softwashing company can be a disaster.  We pay attention to the details and never take shortcuts.

    What is The Average Price For Roof Cleaning ?

    The total price of our roof cleaning services is based on a few factors including the square footage of the roof, the difficulty of the labor, and access to the area. Our base price starts at $250 and we add on as needed.

    How Often do You Need to Clean Your Roof?

    In order to keep from prematurely replacing your roof, we recommend that you have it professionally cleaned every 5 years. When you don’t maintain your roof, you shorten the expected lifespan of 20-25 years

    What is The Black Stuff on My Roof?

    If you see discolorations on your roof, it could be bacteria growth. The layer of bacteria (named gloeocapsa magma) keeps your roof from being able to do its job. Shingles are designed to reflect UV rays from the sun and keep your attic from trapping in heat. When it is covered with this bacteria, it absorbs the heat and causes your home to be hotter. During the summer, your power bills will increase, because the HVAC system has to operate harder to keep your home cool.

    What Types of Roofs Can Brightway Clean?

    We are able to clean many different roof surfaces up to 2 stories including:
    Asphalt shingles

    If you are ready to have your property cleaned, feel free to fill out our ‘quote form’ and we’ll contact you asap. We serve Pinellas county.
    We will be happy to come out and take care of your roof cleaning and more. We look forward to serving you with your roof cleaning!
    Have a question?